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Stefanie Tropea

An athlete and dancer since I was 6 years old, my strongest interests have always been in fitness and health.

In 9 years of experience as a personal trainer, I have always explored alternative techniques and methods. I discovered the kettlebell in 2006, and I have been hooked on its effectiveness ever since then. When it comes to endurance, intensity, core strength, and full-body exercise, kettlebells have no match.

After attending the AOS Essentials class in February of 2008 and successfully completing the associated test in August, I earned my certification as a kettlebell instructor. Ever since seeing the first Punch Gym in Providence, it’s been my dream to have my own Punch Gym in Fairfield County. In January of 2009, this dream came true -- Punch Kettlebell Gym of Norwalk opened its doors.

I am also a competitor in the sport of strongman. At the suggestion of a friend, I entered my first competition in 2007. Although I was strong, I quickly found out that I was not “strongman” strong, but I was bitten by the strongman bug. I had to take some time off to open my gym, but I returned to the sport in April of 2009. This time, I was prepared. With using the Art of Strength workouts, I have found success in recent contests, including a first place win in New Jersey’s Strongest Woman in August of 2009. I’d like to keep competing in and promoting this sport for as long as I can.

At Punch Kettlebell Gym of Norwalk, strength is for everyone. It doesn't make one any more or less masculine or feminine, just healthy and empowered!