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Mike Mastell

I became interested in strength training when I was a freshman in high school working out with the baseball team.   It quickly became a passion of mine, and when I got to college, strength training took precedence over sports.  Shortly thereafter, I entered my first strongman contest and won.  Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to train with some of the best strength athletes in the world, including Elliot Hulse and World’s Strongest Man competitor and 3-time America’s Strongest Man winner, Derek Poundstone.  In 2011, I became the North American Strongman Lightweight Overall Champion and won my pro card.  I competed at The Arnold World Championship in 2012 and 2013, and also competed in China representing the USA both of those years.  

I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Sacred Heart University in Chemisty and my Master’s, also from Sacred Heart, in Molecular Biochemistry.  I am currently the head strength and conditioning coach at Punch, and coach many athletes on-line, including several national champions, pro-level strongman competitors, and elite-level powerlifters.  I am also a nutritional coach and a writer for  

I believe in training smarter, not harder,  to achieve success.   Sometimes, the two coincide.  A good coach will know the difference, and facilitate your success with a balanced program.  This is the goal with all of my clients.