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Louis Chiaia

My name is Louis Chiaia. When I first started Punch almost a year ago I instantly knew it was something unique and special, and after only a few sessions did I realize the positive effects it was starting to have on me both physically and mentally. I have had my fair share of injuries in my life; from landing directly on rocks rupturing my kneecap causing fluid swelling on my knees to sprained ankles to absorbing baseballs directly in my hips and stomach. Punch has helped make me bulletproof and highly injury resistant, which is secondary to making me healthier, stronger, and giving me more energy day to day.

As a Punch trainer, I am looking to pass on the same principles to my clients that have been passed on to me. Whether you are looking to burn calories, shred fat, and be more fit, increase flexibility, speed and agility, rehab an injury or increase your range of motion, or train for your next triathlon or marathon by increasing endurance and stamina, I want to help you reach your goals. If you have the drive and the determination, I look forward to giving you the direction and motivation and helping you select the right "tool" for the job.

I am constantly looking for athletic ways to challenge myself. I grew up playing soccer, baseball and crew as a young lad, and played football and weight training in high school. I currently enjoy cycling both on and off road, running, trail racing, competing in duathlons and entering in as many events as I can to sponsor all of the wonderful organizations that support a good cause.

I look forward to watching you get your sweat on!