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David Salthouse

After falling into the routine of eating too much of the wrong thing and not moving enough, I found my way into Punch Gym. Immediately I knew it was going to be a very different experience than anything I had done in the past. The enthusiasm of the Training Staff and variety of the workouts were invigorating. Within two weeks I found myself making excuses to get to the gym, not get out of it.

I learned more and more each day about how my body worked and how nutrition played an important role in fueling the workouts I enjoyed so much. In my first 10 months of working out at Punch, I had lost over 60 lbs and trimmed 12 inches from my waist! I felt stronger and the physical changes to my appearance were great, but the icing on the cake came at my annual physical when I reviewed my blood work with my physician and saw the positive impact to my overall health. With that as motivation I have maintained my fitness including finishing several half marathons and finished my first full marathon in October of 2012!

After experiencing this change in my life, I was starved for more knowledge on how it happened. I researched fitness and read about nutrition. In September of 2011, I attended the Art of Strength Certification Course to get firsthand knowledge of the Art of Strength Methodology.

I am a full time law enforcement officer and have been a Firearms and Defensive Tactics Instructor for many years. I have always enjoyed learning and teaching new skills, especially ones that help people stay safe so I was thrilled to join the Punch Training Staff in January 2012.

In my classes you will find a challenging, high energy environment where you are supported and encouraged to push yourself towards your fitness goals.