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Meet Lorraine Lorusso!


1.) How long have you been training at Punch?

I started at Punch in September 2015, just about 3 years. 
2.)  With so many gyms around, why Punch?
I always have been into fitness and been a member at a local gym, but I have found Punch to be the perfect fit for me. I like the consistency that the Power Room gives me as well as  the variety offered in the classes upstairs. Instead of wandering around a gym aimlessly I have direction and a clear plan. When I enter the gym, my time is used wisely. I describe Punch as a boutique gym to my friends. Stef and Mike are so knowledgeable and always committed to their clients.  Each goes above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable and to set each member up for success.  
3.) Talk about your back surgery and talk about your heart scare.
When I was 30 years old I hurt my back bending over to place my baby on the floor – “pop” went my disc.  Ironically, I was at the gym when this happened and if you know me, you know I tried to work through it, but I couldn't. My family has a history of back issues; both parents and siblings all have had problems and five of us have undergone surgery for it. For 12 years I continued to work through my episodes of back/leg pain (sciatica). I went through physical therapy and chiropractor care many times. Those would help for a period of time, and then it would flare up again. The episodes started to come faster and the recovery was becoming longer. Eventually I couldn't walk and had extreme pain radiating through my hip and all the way down my leg. I crawled into the hospital, had a discectomy, and walked out 18 hours later with almost no pain.
At the age of 52 I had a heart scare. I was having what I thought was a hotness in my lungs when I was exerting myself. I thought it was from walking in the cold early morning air, but when I went to a spin class I had the same symptoms. My doctor told me to go straight to the emergency room and after they checked me out they wanted to send me home and my doctor (Dr. Sparks) insisted that I stay. I ended up having angioplasty. My artery was 95% blocked and they inserted a stent. Looking back, I was having symptoms for about a month. Here I was, a fairly young and fit women who didn't fit the classic person getting ready to have a heart attack, yet on track for just that.
4.) What has lifting weights done for you?
My neurosurgeon told me I should never lifts weights again. Little does he know how strong I have become since joining Punch! I have not had a back issue since I started in the Power Room. The dead lifts scared the sh*t out of me, but I started slow and with encouragement,  I can now lift 225 lbs., squat 210 lbs., and bench 110 lbs. My siblings are amazed at how much I can lift and not hurt my back. I keep telling them – “Lifting helps!!”
5.) Talk about your participation in Belles.
Participating in The Battle of the Belles has been amazing. To see the growth in myself from my first training session to now astonishes me. Belles has given me confidence to try new things and to take (smart) risks. I was very hesitant to participate in my first Belles competition, but Mike told me I could do it and he was so right! I so enjoy the training leading up to the Belles and the friendships that are formed during the training sessions.
6.) Would you recommend Punch to friends and family?
If someone is looking for your “NOT typical gym,” this is the place to train. Punch is a special gym, where everyone knows your name (just like at Cheers!).