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1. I have been training at Punch for about 4 years.

2. I have been somewhat of a gym rat for at least 25 years and have tried several different gyms. At one point in time over the past year I had 3 gym memberships. While they all served a different purpose for me, the one that I most enjoy and utilize is Punch. Of course there is the convenience factor. Living 4 minutes away and leaving my house at 5:55 for a 6:00 am class is a big enticement! Putting that aside, the classes at Punch are unlike that I have experienced at any other gym. The classes are small, the instructors are top notch and extremely caring. It is like having personal training in every class, which also means, you can't get away with much! The instructors are always observing your moves, your form and the weights that you use to minimize any risk of injury. The workouts are different every day so the usual boredom that I have experienced in other classes never sets in.

3. Kettlebells have become common fare at most gyms these days. They sit alongside the medicine balls, free weights, mats and other miscellaneous equipment that anyone can pick up and use. However, I have observed many people at these other gyms doing the moves incorrectly in the way that without correct and proper instruction can easily cause injury. Watching people do kettlebell exercises improperly makes me cringe. The thing I love about Punch is that the incorporation of kettlebells in every workout, and it being their main focus, ensures that the moves are taught correctly by trainers that are proficient, knowledgeable and certified in that area. The other aspect I love about it and probably a wide misconception that many people have, is that it is just a strength training workout and not a cardio workout. Kettlebell training is a total body workout. Along with the kettlebells and dumbbells, most workouts incorporate many cardio moves, including ropes, bandit loops, burpees, squat jumps and others, so that when the workout is completed, you have definitely experienced a total body workout. And for those who like a bit more competition and lifting, they offer strongman training and competitions, which are awesome to watch, even when not participating.

4. I would encourage anyone who is looking for something different from what the typical large or box gyms offer and prefers small personalized instruction, to try Punch. The instructors are phenomenal and I have made many friends and acquaintances during my time there. There are members of all ages, abilities and fitness levels and I have seen my own body transform, and my fitness and endurance levels improve tremendously since I joined. The staff makes everyone feel welcome, regardless of age, fitness level and ability.