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"I got into weight lifting in 2007. My brother helped design a program so I would lose weight, (which I did..going from no exercising to 5 days a week). He did some powerlifting, so he got me involved in that, then he got involved in Strongman (he has exercise ADD) and got me into that. I did my first strongman show in December 2009. There were only 2 women, I got Then I was hooked and have competed/trained ever since.

Initially, I signed up for nutrition because I was tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a gut. I saw on Facebook that 4-time National Champion Strongwoman, Kristyn "KV" Whisman, was posting about her awesome nutritionist, Stefanie, and thought, "I need to try that." I was tired of being out of breath going up stairs. I was still working out 3-4 days a week, but I was out of control with what I was putting in my mouth. I KNEW it was bad, but I couldn't get out of that rut.

What I like the most about this nutrition program is that there aren't any "off-limits" foods. I've yo-yo dieted since I was 17 years old, and the "last time" I lost weight, it was because I cut out carbs completely (my own planning). When the holidays came that year, I gorged from Halloween to New Years, and that just became the thing I was used to then. I just stopped caring. This program has been successful for me BECAUSE my food options don't make it seem like I'm missing out. I can eat potatoes and rice if I want to. It helped that my mind was SO ready for it, but not hearing a lot of "don't eat that" or a SUPER structured menu plan was also helpful. Stef didn't tell me to eat 4 oz fish, 1/2 cup rice and broccoli, 5 times a day. I can eat what I want within the guidelines, and the freedom is nice. And then, obviously, once I started seeing results on the scale and then in the mirror and my clothes, it has been easy to stay on track. I want this. I want it. I want to be strong and lean and hope to compete as a MW next year in strongwoman. It's weird to me that my goal weight would make most average women cringe. But like I said, i'm going for lean and STRONG.

I think Stef is a nutrition magician -- "The Great Stefanie" lol. She writes a great plan, which MAKES me want to follow it. So I want to thank her for that. I'm down about 50lbs in about 7 months, and I plan to keep going."