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Tyson’s Corner Winter 2018

Punch runs on Tyson

  • Stef and some of our Belles will be competing in the Fem and Fierce competition.  The contest is March 31st.  We’ll be having Belles training sessions every Sunday from now through March from 10-11:30 in prep for the competition. The events include the log press, sandbag carry, yoke walk, and atlas stones. You DO NOT have to commit to competing in the contest -- you can decide later and/or come to training just for fun. If you have any questions about training or competing, just email Stef at stef@punchgymnorwalk. 
  • By popular demand, we’re going to keep our referral program alive -- whoever sends the most referrals to Punch by the end of February gets a FREE MONTH OF MEMBERSHIP AT PUNCH! It’s win/win – you help a friend get stronger, and you get to get stronger longer – and that rhymes – what’s not to like about that?
  • Fashion ALERT: For a limited time, we’ve got a special offer on T-shirts – two shirts for $40. They’re good quality, and they tell the world you’re a Peep.  Offer good while supplies last (offer excludes tank tops).
  • Have you tried one of our HIIT classes yet? You should – high-intensity interval training is a proven model. Here’s a great article from The New York Times explaining its benefits, and how it enabled a 103 year-old to set a new world mark for the most miles pedaled in an hour by a centenarian – inspiring!