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Trying to stay ahead as we fall behind…

Heading into the holiday season – where did Autumn go?

Okay, where did Autumn go? It seems like one day it’s all hot and humid and the next it’s cold and snowing; the trees are lush with leaves one day and the next they’re bare; the mornings are dark and then it’s like midnight at 5pm; school’s just starting and then finals loom…
Speaking of school - with my continuing Chiropractic studies, I'm finishing up my sixth semester now, and it has been grueling - a full course load on top of Student Clinic. In Student Clinic, we treat the lower semesters, and then for the next two (and final) semesters, I will be in the UB Outpatient Clinic on campus, where the public may come and get treated. This starts in late January and goes through next December.  
So here we are in Autumn’s twilight – it feels like the winter holidays are just around the corner. Here at Punch, our Belles have done it again, and our Turkey Trotters braved the coldest Thanksgiving on record. We’re wrapping up another cycle in the Power Room and getting stronger through it all.
In this newsletter we’ll take a look at a hot topic in our gym; how exercise and strength training actually help strengthen our bones as well as our muscles – not to mention our minds. As busy as we get and as fast as time passes, we do good when we make the time to take care of ourselves.
It’s the time of year where we keep moving quickly yet can always make some time to feel grateful and thankful for all we have. Through it all, keep getting stronger and better every day – your mind, muscles and bones will thank you. 
Enjoy this Autumn issue of our newsletter.