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Spring Training

Spring is all about renewed energy – and it’s contagious!


Spring is the time for energizing, so let’s put that energy to good use together.


In this edition of our newsletter, we start off by sharing an understanding for that common ailment – back pain – and how we exercise and build muscle to prevent it, and even remediate it. There are lots of misunderstandings for what you should/shouldn’t do in terms of exercise and how it may affect your back, and so we’ll explore some to gain a better understanding.


As you may know, avoiding and eliminating pain through strength is a passion of mine, and so I am proud to share my progress in working towards my Chiropractic degree.I am honored to have been awarded my White Coat in April, a great milestone for those of us studying in the Chiropractic profession. I’m learning so much and applying it to what we do at Punch every day – I look forward to sharing more as things progress.



But this newsletter and Punch Gym are really all about you, our Peeps, so be sure to check out  what everyone is up to. As always, please also feel free to share what you’re up to with me, and any thoughts on how we can evolve this newsletter to better serve you all.


It was a crazy winter and spring has been equally crazy, but it’s all been good -- let’s keep up the momentum and harness the contagious energy of spring to enable us to grow stronger, feel better, and do more!