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Smarter, Stronger, and Harmonious

Punch Peeps are doing a lot of lifting outside the gym, too…



Our Peeps are so interesting and active – look what some of your workout partners are up to these days…


  • OUR LADIES ARE FEM & FIERCE! We couldn't be any prouder than to congratulate our ladies for an amazing showing at this year’s Fem & Fierce event. Meredith Coogan had an amazing day taking the podium in third place overall in the competition, including a first place showing in the yoke at 500 lbs. Selena Kuo-McCaul walked the yoke at 350 lbs, and had a personal-best day as well. Audrey Yu hit 10 big reps with 85 lbs. in the log lift, and Robyn Goldenberg made her Strongwoman debut and hit a big yoke walk PR carrying 400 lbs! Punch showed up strong (and VERY Fem & Fierce) – congrats to all and thank you for making us proud!


  • STRONG MINDS! Time for some “ConGRADulations!” First, congrats to Kelsy Potrykus on graduating from the University of New Hampshire. As well, here’s to Petra Friden on her graduation from Weston High School — next up, she'll be attending Smith in the fall and playing soccer there.


  • AUTHOR, AUTHOR! Did you know we have an accomplished writer amongst our Peeps? Jennifer Degenhardt has authored many books that bring to life multiple cultures, each featuring easy and accessible language with compelling stories, all with current themes and relevant Hispanic culture, and about topics that were not being addressed enough, including poverty, undocumented immigration, DACA, LGBTQ+, and racism. The books are not preachy, but rather present the information subtly so that a discussion can take place between and among kids and adults. In addition to being available in Spanish and/or English language, teachers across the country are reaching out and translating/adapting the books to other languages, too. One story, El jersey (about boys from two different countries obsessed with soccer), was translated and adapted to French as “Le Maillot.”Another story, María María: un cuento de un huracán (also available in English - María María: A Story of a Storm), is about Hurricane Maria, with proceeds from both titles going to help recovery efforts on Puerto Rico. All titles are available on Amazon. Descriptions there or on Jenn’s website,


  • REVOLUTIONARY!  John Lockwood finished in first place at the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate powerlifting meet on May 20th. Not only did John take first place, he also set records for his weight class in all 3 lifts: Squat - 460lbs; Bench press - 305lbs; and Deadlift - 525lbs – way to go, John!
  • LET THE MUSIC PLAY! Steve DeFala will be playing sax with The Ritzy Chickens June 9 at Peaches in Norwalk, 9pm start, 6/22 at Captains Cove in Bridgeport, 9pm start, and 6/24 at the Kids in Crisis Triathlon, Cummings Beach, Stamford, 7am – 11am.  And Gene Tiernan will be playing drums with St. Hubbins Band at Fairfield University Saturday 6/9 11:30am – 3pm, and with The Adults at Bohemian Pizza in Litchfield Saturday 6/16, 9pm start. Come see some live music with your Punch Peeps!​

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