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Peeps: Ramble On!

A farewell and some opportunities to shake it up …

Our Peeps are so interesting and active – look what some of your workout partners are up to these days…
  • FAREWELL MEREDITH: We’re always excited to see our Peeps do great things, but that doesn’t always mean it’s easy for us. We bid farewell to Meredith Coogan who with her husband has packed it up to start their next adventure in Schenectady NY. Meredith has been a fixture at the gym for so long, and a great competitor, too. We will miss her tremendously, but of course wish her well, and look forward to her coming back to visit sometime.  The Punch family loves you, Meredith – all the best!
  • LIFTING WEIGHTS AND SPIRITS: Steve DeFala will be playing with his band “Gratephul” June 22nd at O'Neill's in Norwalk (9pm-ish start) and also the next morning June 23, 7am (OUCH!) at the Stamford KIC IT Triathlon, Cummings Beach, 440 Shippan Avenue in Stamford.  

Got stuff going on in your life you’d like to share? Let Stef know, and you just might see yourself in our next newsletter!