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Newbies, Plebes, and Delis, oh my!

AUTUMN 2017. Our Peeps – YOU – are incredible! Your activities and accomplishments in our gym and beyond are awesome – be sure to share them with us, and let’s start with these…
  • First, we’ve got some new members who need a warm welcome – be sure to introduce yourself to our new Peeps: Leslie Hunsinger, Kristina Wisniewski, Dave Cohen, Joe Dul, Robyn Shapiro, Addison Paige, and Sade Bernadel  – AND, let’s welcome back Jessica Hopkins and Stefanie Kostelis!
  • Next – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Roberta Andreasi completed the 42nd Marine Corps Marathon – and she trained on a treadmill with no music!  She earned her medal through her mettle, working hard to achieve this milestone – great work, Roberta!
  • Think the Marine Corps Marathon is all there is?  Fuggedaboutit!  We’ve got some New York City Marathoners, too – Trish Buffardi and Kristina Wisniewski – plus, Kristina ran a Spartan the day before! #HardCore
  • Update your contact lists – Anna Lisa Coppola is now Anna Lisa Ritchie; and never a more beautiful bride have we ever seen!  Congratulations, Anna Lisa!
  • And finally, in addition to generously sponsoring our Battle of The Belles, Scott Martin opened his third Rye Ridge Deli – and this one is on Main Street in Westport. Be sure to stop by – the food is AMAZING…and don’t forget to visit his locations in Stamford and Rye Brook.  You won’t be sorry you did – Yummmm!RyeRidgeSouth-(1).png