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It's the Summer of Punch!

This just might be the best summer ever at Punch – and that’s saying A LOT!

I’ve always loved summer, but there’s something special going on this year. You Peeps are generating so much energy; everyone’s progressing so quickly in classes and in the Power Room that the enthusiasm is contagious. When we work together to help each other get better, it pays dividends.
I’m so grateful. Thank you for filling the classes so we all push each other to bring out our collective and individual best, together. Thanks to all the new folks for bringing their energy and commitment into the gym, the “boomerangs” who take time off for various reasons but always come back, the participants who show up to make every class and event fun and exciting, and of course I’m grateful for our trainers for ensuring we all do our best to get stronger in smart and creative ways.  
In this newsletter, we’ll share some info on the benefits of making your feet strong by “barefootin’.” Also, Mike shares his knowledge on nutrition and how to stick to an effective diet – there’s no sense in mapping out a plan if you can’t stick to it, so Mike explores multiple approaches. And you all – our Peeps – are up to some wonderful things – we’ll celebrate that with you as well.
I head back to school on the 13th of August to continue my studies toward becoming a Chiropractor. I'll be entering the sixth semester of eight – I can almost see the finish line… Now the fun starts -- this semester will be much more “hands on” than what I’ve experienced to date. I'll be in Student Clinic, where we treat the lower-semester students. We'll wear our white coats regularly, and we'll be performing full physical exams, taking histories, and using the soft tissue and adjusting techniques we've learned leading up to this point. It’s very exciting – I’ll keep you posted as things progress.
Summer flies by so quickly, but this has been a great one.  Thank you for that – let’s continue getting strong together!