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Hot Summer -- Cool Peeps!

Our Peeps are so interesting and active – look what some of your workout partners are up to these days…

  • NEWBIES AND BOOMERANGS: We love when new people join our gym, and so let’s all welcome Natalie Castro, Olaf Halvorssen, Samantha Hutz, Boyna Kleyman, Inna Fetissova, Rachel Matthews, David McIntyre, Twinkle Gupta, Karlina Vargas, Jon Toy, and Joanna Murray. And we also love when people need to step away as life gets busy, and then find their way back when the time is right – so let’s welcome back Noelle LoPresti, Andrea Lafaro, Heather Stokes, Eric Zlatin, Matt Smith, Kelsey Potrykus and Pete Esposito– we missed you!

  • THE PUNCH STRENGTH AND FITNESS GAMES: Almost as intense as The Hunger Games, our competitors made this year’s competition one for the ages.  It was the Blues (Meredith, Chris, Cheryl, Lorraine) against the Reds (Lillian, Kevin, Selena, Robyn). The competition was neck and neck the whole day -- max squat, max deadlift, max overhead press, one-mile run and three minutes of kettlebell snatches -- but in the end, it was the Blues who pulled away with the win.  Our competitors worked and played hard, with trash talking that would frighten the most hardened athletes, and so we look forward to the next games – come compete, if you dare…

  • TYING THE KNOT: Congratulations to Meredith Coogan on her marriage to Ted Lefebvre August 4th. The whole Punch family wishes you every happiness! 

  • THE LAST DJ: If you’re driving through the Malone NY area, be sure to tune in Punch Peep Dave Cohen where he is now the afternoon drive time personality for Martz Communications Group’s Wild County 96.5! Good luck, Dave – we miss you already!

  • DRIVE RIGHT: Maria Trant owns Lewis School of Driving – if you or anyone you know wants to learn to drive, or just learn to drive better (fix those bad habits we sometimes fall into…), then be sure to message or text her at 203 984-4033.

  • LET THE MUSIC PLAY! Steve DeFala will be playing sax in the area, so come out to hear some great music with one of our Peeps. Upcoming gigs with The Ritzy Chickens: 8/24 Captains Cove in Bridgeport; 9/22 at O’Neill’s in South Norwalk; and 9/29 at  Peaches in Norwalk.  He’ll also be playing with Sugar Bear 9/15 at Tiernan’s in Stamford. 

Got stuff going on in your life you’d like to share? Let Stef know, and you just might see yourself in our next newsletter!