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Happy Spring, Punch Peeps!

Stretching, wrapping up school, and getting ready for the summer

Happy Spring, everybody – although it seems summer is just around the corner…

It took a long time for spring to kick in this year. I love to see everything in bloom now, and the longer days are a welcome change from those short, dark days of winter. 

And school’s out for Stef! I've taken all four parts of the National Board Exam!  I've got one more semester of school to go and I graduate in December.  I'll earn my Doctorate in Chiropractic then, but it isn't official until I receive my license in the mail.  That'll take a few weeks after graduation.  I'm happy that I'm all done with classes and I have only clinic going forward.  It’s been a long haul, but so worth it – I can see the finish line and will keep at it – thanks to you all for your support as I continue this journey. I’m in the home stretch!

Speaking of stretch, have you been noticing all these new stretching boutiques popping up around here lately? In this issue of our newsletter we’ll take a look at stretching and our point of view on it. It’s hugely important yet like all that’s good for us, moderation and doing things right yields the best results.

We’ll also be introducing you to Jon Toy – his progress at the gym has been inspiring – I hope you think so, too. 

So, as we get ready to dive into summer, I hope you enjoy this newsletter – that you learn a little about stretching, about other peeps, and about how you can be your strongest “you” heading into summer.